Don’t make this mistake.

I caught a nice pickerel, about a 3lb pickerel and tied it up to the dock.  I planned on going down and cleaning the fish later but I forgot to do so.

The next morning there was nothing left of the fish, except the fish head.

I thought there must be a really big fish coming around at night.

I went out and again landed a nice pickerel and decided to use this pickerel as bait to catch the larger fish.

I rigged the fish with several hooks and tied it to my boat.

When I woke up the next morning my fishing rod was almost bent in half and I thought I had really landed the big one.

When I got down to the dock and reeled my line in, it wasn’t a fish.  It was a big old mossy, green backed snapping turtle.  The turtle was a good 20lbs or so and the hook was in it’s tongue.  Needless to say, the turtle was not pleased and it hissed at me.

I released the turtle but in the end lost two 3 lb pickerels to this creature.

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