I have to share one of my favorite fishing stories with you.

I went fishing with my two sons, and my wife down at the end of the lake and we were having no luck at all.  We decided to pack it in and I ended up with about a 1lb small mouth bass on my line.  All of a sudden it was pitch black out and as I went to release the fish it flinched and the barb went right into my finger.

To make matters worse I reached down for the flashlight and ended up with the fishing net entangled with the fishing lure.  We hauled up the anchor, drove back to the cottage and straight to the hospital as I needed a tetanus shot.

After waiting for hours I approached the hospital attendant and asked if it would be much longer.  She replied he doctor’s scared of it”.  I told my wife that we should leave as “the doctor’s scared of it”, which I in turn conveyed to my wife.  We both looked at each other completely puzzled.

Moments later the doctor emerged and said “hi, I’m DR. Skerritt”.  Clearly a slip of the tongue.

He proceeded to give me a local anesthetic, and I bled and my wife fainted.  There I was, feeling like a complete idiot with the doctor holding my one hand and my wife, now on the floor, holding my other hand.  I felt like I was being drawn and quartered.

My wife now became the patient, but finally stood up.  The doctor went to cut the barb and instinctively I turned my head.  Dr. Skerritt said “Don’t worry, you don’t need to turn your head.”  He cut the barb and the little projectile struck me in the temple.  Had I not turned my head, it would have taken out my eye.

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