Some of the best fishing reels simply have better features like a good line guard, a spool that holds adequate line, a line tensioner for control, and it has to be light weight.,

Spinning reels are the most type of reel followed by baitcasting reels.

Types of fishing reels:

Spinning reel operates with a revolving metal arm that catches the line and winds it onto the spool as the arm turns.

Baitcasting reels are mounted underneath the rod uses a smaller rod and uses silk or nylon line wound on a reel having a revolving spool.  The line is drawn out by the weight of the lure.

A fly reel can be described as a narrow-spool single-action fly-fishing reel.

A centrepin reels or float reel runs freely on its axle to permit distance casting by allowing the line to be drawn off by the momentum of the cast from the rotating reel.

The spincast reel has a closed face, the line is not exposed but instead contained inside the reel.

Underspin reels are very similar to spincast reels but they are mounted underneath the rod.

Now get fishing with your Fly reel, Centrepin reel. Baitcasting reel. Conventional reel. Spinning reel, Spincast reel, or Underspin reel

Fishing Reels
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