My dad loves to go fishing but he always finds a way to get his line tangled lie you wouldn’t believe.

Every time without fail his line turns into a birds nest.

We were out fishing one day, 4 of us in the boat.  We came across a school of bass and kept reeling them in, save an except my dad who kept several expletives as he sat with about 100 yards of line in his lap.

I was so busy taking the fish off my wife’s line and my son’s line, so I had no time to get my line in the water.  At the same time I was trying to calm my dad down.

What my dad was facing is a common problem.  Every fishing line will snarl, tangle or knot up so it is important to replace your line on a regular basis.  Fishing line has memory so every time you cast out or reel in, it creates looseness.  The line is no longer tight to the reel.

Finding the best braided fishing line for your rod can help alleviate tangles as braided fishing line is a little thicker and is coated to protect the line against dirty water and slippage.

We have several types of fishing lines, all at wholesale prices including clear line, colored line, braided line, fluorocarbon line, ice fishing line and power pro braided line.

Fishing Line
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