When I first met my wife she proclaimed that she hated fishing and refused to go.

She had been fishing before and the people she was with offered no assistance and were critical of her.

One day she agreed to go out with my brother and I.  We set-up her rod and put the worm on her hook.

The wife asked how can I tell if I have a fish on the line?  My brother showed her how to hold the line between her fingers to feel any fish bites.  A few seconds later, voila, she reeled in her first fish which was not even the size of my baby toe.  I don’t know how she even felt the fish on her line.

She was like a little girl so excited that she had landed a fish and she has been hooked ever since, no pun intended.

My point is that fishing should be fun so keep it fun.  Show some patience for new comers and share your wealth of knowledge.

There is nothing like witnessing someone catch their first fish, especially little children.

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