When you bait your hook you have to think like a fish. That is to say, try bait that has a good chance of landing that fish.  You will soon learn that what works one day may not work the next day.

Another head scratcher is that a type of bait that works in one lake may not work in another lake.

It is mostly trial and error.

There is no bait that will guarantee that you land your desired fish.

There is nothing wrong with a simple worm on a hook or an artificial worm, even though worms are not a natural food source for fish.

Some people use kernels of corn, cheese balls or hot dogs?

There are different baits for different fish and over time people will develop a preference.  One thing is for sure is that the top selling baits have had proven track record.

Keep in mind that your fishing bait will only work if the fish are hungry.

The best fishing bait is the fishing bait that actually works.

Fishing Bait
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